Portal O'Pleimert - Hva' vil du vide?

Portal o'Pleimert

What's all this, then?

Hi, I'm Troels. You have reached my portal.

I've got so much shit going on, I felt it almost necessary to build this to ease navigation through my disturbingly comprehensive, interconnected network of social media, musical outlets and plain silliness.

You will probably notice that there are two sections — one in the Queen's English; another in a bizarre, foreign looking amalgamation of letters that should make sense, but probably don't. Congratulations, you have just discovered Danish: one of the hardest languages to learn in the world, and also one of the most useless.

But here is some stuff I have done in a language most people will understand.


I like to pretend I can do music. I mostly do it by myself, writing the songs and playing all the instruments in my home studio. Which is probably why it's so awful.

I started out doing tracker music, but graduated to "real" music software (I use Ableton Live) and real instruments around 2007 when I made my first album with vocals and real guitars.

Here's a bewildering network I have built up around this musical person I call Alchemy:

Official site: www.humanalien.dk

Adventure games

Adventure games have been a life-long passion / obsession of mine. Recently, I started getting into Adventure Game Studio (AGS), which lets talentless hacks like me crank out full-fledged adventure games, limited only by imagination ... and the Windows platform.

Hva' foregår der her?

Alt det ovenstående forstod I vel. Men her er et par småting, som ikke giver et hak mening for alle de stakkels engelsk-talende folk.

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